A lesson to remeber

He walked into the living area.  She was sitting, her arms open wide.  She was talking to her friend describing something, and then, they both laughed.  He noticed how she laughed so beautifully,  the way she moved, the way her ears would go pink when she got excited with what she was doing.

Every time he saw her, the same feeling came over him as it did the very first time she came into his life.  Sometimes he would turn around and leave where she was, just to come back  and see her  for the first time again. He didn’t really think about it, what that feeling was.  He was almost unconscious that he was affected at all.  If he had thought about, it he might have realized what it was.  The welling of happiness, the contradicting excitement mixed with absolute calmness, a desire to laugh while pondering the most serious secrets of the universe, a unquestioning knowledge that he would do anything to make her happy, would have been obvious signs that he loves her.

They had become good friends since they met.  They would talk for long stretches of time about the most important things in the world, yet he never really remembered what it was that they spoke about. Their time together always seemed to last an eternity when they were talking, but as soon as they had to go their way he only remembered how beautiful her big soft eyes were.  Or how soft she felt when they touched for some reason.

Today he was going to show her something new.  He had been planning this for a while, he was looking forward to the look on her face when he showed her is  new secret.

He didn’t have to say much as he went by her, she knew the routine.  They had been playing this game for a while now.  She liked him, he was different. He didn’t  scare her like other males did. She remembered the first time she had seen him how she had thought that he was a bit odd. But the each time she saw him she noticed that she liked the way he moved and the way he handled things. He was gentle, and he liked to play, she never saw him get upset. Except that one time when someone was picking on the guy with the injured leg, she thought he was going to blow a blood vessel he was so worked up.

As he went outside she made some excuse and followed shortly after.  He was on the other side of the green space when she came out, he was acting like he had not seen her, but she knew that he was waiting and would have caught sight of her the moment she came out.

Without a word he turned and she saw him dart to the left into the bushes. She jumped she was a bit startled by how fast he had gone, and quickly went after him.  He always tried to outpace her but they both knew she was much faster than he was and in no time she caught up with him and they both laughed. He was a bit out of breath so he didn’t talk but the look in his eyes told her that today would be special.  The went on in silence just enjoying each others company.  She liked the way he smelled, every time she smelled him she felt like she could let her guard down because he was there to watch out for her.

She had never been this way. There were some areas she stayed away from, and she didn’t hang out with those who liked to be too risky.  She saw her self as brave and smart so it wasn’t that she had not had her share of adventures but she was selective as to who she wanted to spend her time with and what she would do.  Going out to eat in the evenings was fun and she had lots of friends, but they tended to like going to the usual places.  Here was this guy she had always thought was rather unadventurous showing her something new. taking her into the woods and along the forest trails.  She liked it.  She had not told him yet that she would like to get more serious. It just wasn’t the right time yet, but soon she would.  She knew that he liked her, she could feel it, as if the signs were not enough.

They had been walking along the path for some time now she was starting to get a little tired and was hoping they would stop soon. He nodded that just up ahead they would be turning right  off the path. The turn would be quick and he told her that if they didn’t pay attention they could miss it because the path was quite overgrown and the vegetation had gotten quite thick.  And as they turned the corner she was shocked there was a tunnel of bushes they had to go through.  And then suddenly there before her was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen.  He had brought her to the most beautiful clearing on a rock outcrop overlooking the lake, the sun was setting down the lake and the water was shimmering gold and red, and the light was perfect.  The outcrop had a rock face rising up to her left and partially behind her, and had a thick growth of brambles and roses on the other side, above the rock high above jutted out making a high roof. The spot was secluded private and obviously no one ever came here.   At her feet the ground was soft and cool, carpeted with clover, and wild flowers. The  perfume was heady, it smelled sweet like honey and it looked like it would be thick and soft, she loved clover. She just wanted to roll in the clover…..

She realized she wanted to roll in the clover with him.  she came up behind him. She knew she could easily take him.  He was looking out muttering something about having looked for a while for some place where he could ….  she flipped him over, pinned him to the ground and started burrowing her nose into his neck and face. It took him a second but he responded with a huge grin and they were kissing.  They rolled in the clover, taking turns pinning each other down, she let him get on top a few times she was having the best time ever. She had rolled around with some others before and received a few kisses, but she didn’t like the sloppy tongues and how rough they were. She had heard from the older girls who joked and laughed about their rabbits.  She was right this one was different. He kissed her gently, slowly, his tongue licked her with kindness and loving. He really cared for her. He would protect her, he would make a good mate.

He started licking her face and ears, she felt them turning bright red and she was not embarrassed, she liked it, she wanted him to do it more, she didn’t have that old urge to push this kind of attention away. She liked it a lot. She started to feel something she had never felt before. She wanted him.  The comments the other girls had made about their rabbits now made sense, she could feel the longing between her legs, she could feel that she wanted more than just a rabbit she wanted him, she wanted him deep inside of her. She wanted him to make love to her and fill her with him in so many ways.  She wanted him to make love to her.  She turned him over, looked deep into his eyes, she nibbled on his neck and told him “I want you to be my rabbit” he wasn’t sure what she meant but that she wanted to make love with him here and now.  There was nothing he wanted more. They rolled around and made love well into the morning. And it was more than either of them had imagined.

They woke up on the outcrop, realizing that they had spent the night out in the open they had not been home and that they were going to get an earful.  There was no way they would be able to hide that they had been out together.

But it was time. They were going to start a family and  the burrow would be happy. She licked his fur and he licked her as they groomed each other with love. She was going to spend much more time with him and they would go  searching for food together, they would make their own den in the burrow and occasionally they would come back to this secluded outcrop and eat clover together and watch the sunset where time would stop and moments would last forever with her.

He was happy to be her rabbit, and she got to play with her rabbit every night and day that she wanted.

The life of a rabbit isn’t so bad when you found the one you love and can spend the rest of eternity with them.





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